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Person in Charge

Your Event

What event date(s) are you planning to use the Bastrop Convention Center?

Do you need a move-in or move-out day? (for additional fee)

What BCEC room(s) would you like to lease? (Check all that apply)

Attendees & Admission

Will you and/or your guests need overnight accommodations?

Is this event private or public?

Will you sell tickets?

Reserved seating or general admission?

Merchandise & Exhibitors

Will you or anyone at the event sell merchandise?

Do you plan to have exhibitors or vendors at your event?


Do you plan to rent additional light equipment?

Food & Drinks

Do you plan to serve alcohol?

Do you plan to exchange money, tickets, or anything else for alcohol?

Will the kitchen be used?


Deliveries must take place in your rental window of time. Convention Center personnel are not authorized to accept deliveries.

All layout plans must be approved by our Executive Director. Facility capacity is affected by how the furniture is set up and how you plan to use the facility. Please note the safety regulations prevent unapproved layouts from being used it is important to consult with our Executive Director before proceeding with your event plans.

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